The Best Kitchen Floors on a Budget

If you’re looking to replace your old kitchen floors but don’t want to break the bank, there are still plenty of inexpensive flooring options out there to choose from. We’ll look at some flooring materials that you probably encounter every day, and some other more unorthodox options that you may not think could save you money.

Stylish Vinyl Flooring

Recently, the number one option for inexpensive kitchen floors has been vinyl flooring. Now, when you think of modern vinyl, this isn’t your grandparent’s vinyl flooring. Today, there are tons of new styles and designs, making it easy to find the perfect floors to fit your home. Vinyl is great for the kitchen since it is incredibly durable, waterproof, and scratch-resistant, making it a low-maintenance option ideal for high-traffic areas.

Vinyl flooring is available in sheets, tiles, or planks, making installation easy no matter what your existing kitchen floor situation is. Plus, you can often install vinyl flooring right over your subfloor or on top of your existing kitchen floor, which could save you money on installation costs. Installation varies depending on the type of vinyl you choose. Many of the tile, plank, and sheet styles are peel-and-stick with an adhesive backing that you place directly on the subfloor or over your existing floor. Of course, if you’re looking for higher-end vinyl, consider upgrading to luxury vinyl flooring. The most DIY-friendly option, luxury vinyl plank is typically a bit thicker than other vinyl flooring and is clicked together to install as a floating floor.

Wood-Look Laminate Floors

If you love the idea of hardwood floors in your kitchen but can’t afford the real thing, check out laminate flooring. It is an inexpensive option that does a great job of imitating more expensive-looking floors like hardwood and stone. Laminate flooring is similar in cost to vinyl flooring but slightly less durable. Laminate holds up against scratches and stains, but because laminate planks have larger seams, they are prone to water damage if not carefully looked after.

Long-Lasting Tile Flooring

Looking for a kitchen floor option that you won’t need to replace again soon? Ceramic tiles come in all sorts of shapes and colors, and with that, they range in price as well. You can find low-cost tiles that are virtually indestructible and give your kitchen a clean, simple style that will last just as long as more expensive tiles. However, tile can be expensive to have professionally installed, so remember to factor that into your overall budget.

Unconventional Flooring Options

A less traditional option for kitchen floors is cork flooring. Cork floors are economical and eco-friendly since they are made from tree bark that grows back after harvesting. Plus, cork is warm to the touch, water-resistant, and extremely cushiony compared to other flooring options. This makes cork a great choice for your kitchen, where you’ll be standing for hours cooking and cleaning. It is more likely to sustain damage than some other flooring options but overall is still a low-price, low-maintenance option.

If your dream kitchen must have true hardwood floors, we have good news. There are affordable oak flooring options out there. Try looking for unfinished utility oak for a more budget-friendly hardwood floor. Typically, these planks will have defects, knots, and splits, but if you’re creating a rustic kitchen space, they will work perfectly. For a more refined design, you can sand and finish the floors after installation for an added cost.

Linoleum floors have a slightly higher price tag than some of the other options we’ve covered, but they are known for their longevity. So, if you find a style of linoleum you like, you can be sure that your choice will hold up against scratches and other types of damage for many decades.

For those looking for a chic industrial kitchen, consider stained concrete as an inexpensive option. You’ll need to make sure your kitchen is built on a concrete slab foundation to support the weight of the floor. Poured concrete can now be stained and have subtle textures added to create a floor unique to your kitchen.

Whether you’re looking to quickly install new flooring over your existing worn-out floors or overhaul your kitchen floors entirely, the experts at your local Embassy Flooring can help you find the option that is right for your budget.


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