Consumers Upgrading Firmware on Cable Modems & Gateways

On January 11, 2021, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus received an update. When Apple ceases updating the iPhone 6, it won’t be completely obsolete. Make sure that your Apple Watch is connected to Wi-Fi and that the connection is stable. If your Wi-Fi connection is weak or unstable, try moving closer to your router or resetting your network settings on your iPhone. Your iPhone will automatically check for any available updates. If an update is available, you’ll see a message telling you so.

I use “admin” and the password on the bottom of the gateway, but it won’t let me log in and doesn’t give an option for help. Nishant is an enthusiast who loves writing about technology. He also is heavily invested in keeping himself updated about the latest happenings in the tech world. At Tech News Today, he covers Operating Systems, how-to-topics, and Fixes. Click on Ok if you are fine with the IP configurations.

  • With Linux and ZFS, QuTS hero supports advanced data reduction technologies for further driving down costs and increasing reliablility of SSD (all-flash) storage.
  • The new firmware version for AirPods Pro provides bug fixes and gives you access to new features, such as Conversation Boost.
  • Now that you’ve upgraded the firmware (or figured out that you don’t have to), check out these 19 tips to improve the AirPods experience.

Once you remotely connect to the other computer, you can then grab and print a file, open applications, and software, troubleshoot problems, or perform any other task. Launched in 2005, TeamViewer has been offering remote control solutions for millions of users with their team introducing and improving new features all the time. The software comes with paid subscriptions and a great free version that comes in handy for personal use. It also has dedicated menu options for Ctrl-Alt-Del and Print Screen, streamlining the process even further. Just as the question says, what is the Microsoft Loopback Adapter, and as a bonus, what scenerios as a developer would it be useful? I’ve noticed it’s been required when installing a couple of applications to my machine, but aside from guessing, I’ve never have had a sturdy understanding of it’s functionality.

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DD-WRT with linksys working best for me. and i m waiting for your article on DD-WRT. Look at the user manual for the router to see what the LED behavior means. You could look around to see what features you could get with a new router. Check the connectors for improperly made ends, foil touching the copper coax line, loose connections, bad/old/cheap connectors, or corroded connections.

This is the easiest way to update the software of your iPhone. For this, you need to first make sure that you have a stable internet connection and then proceed with the following steps. Just turn your phone to landscape and tap the single microphone button to say something.

What does it mean when it says firmware update?

The beneficial thing is, trying DroidKit, there are no irreversible or non-fixable issues on the Android platform. After the battery has been updated, you’ll receive a message saying “firmware update successful”. A manufacturer should be able to prove that a product meets its specifications upon release and leave it at that, forever. Beta users who own a Studio Display can refresh the firmware to the beta edition by going to System Settings on their Mac then Software Update to check that it is available and can be installed. The update’s executable utility generally works for a very limited amount of systems .

I’d say nobody does emoji better than Apple, so the release of new ones is always worth celebrating. As well as the ones listed here, there are skin color options and other variants, for instance. MyBroadband has a new article comments policy which aims to encourage constructive discussions. To get your comments published, make sure it is civil and adds value to the discussion. Meta Platforms CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the addition of one-tap call link sharing to WhatsApp in September 2022.

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